Mobile Swing

Introduction: Mobile Swing

I study industrial productdesign. For one of our school subjects, we had to make a mobile swing.

The most important conditions were:

-The weight of the swing has to be as light as possible

-If you use the swing, you cannot use a ladder

A swing is normally something to relax, but I wanted something special. So I designed a swing where you have the choice between sitting or standing. Choosing the 'standing' option, I guarantee you guys, you 'll move a lot. And if you are tired of standing up, take a seat on the swing. That is what makes the swing special, you can stand or sit whenever you would like to.

Aren't you excited to make it? Scroll down and find out how I did it!

Step 1: Materials

As you can see, you don't need a lot of materials to make it:

-2 aluminium tubes with a lenght of about 70 cm

-A 15 m long rope that is strong enough to carry your weight

-4 bolts with a diameter of 5 mm and 8 associated nuts

-2 cliffhangers

Step 2: The Aluminium Tubes

In each tube you have to drill 4 holes with a diameter of 5.5 mm. It's important that you can easily remove the bolts, do not make them smaller. The centre of the hole is 15 mm from the side.

Step 3: The Rope

You need to cut the rope in half, so each part needs to be 7.5 meters. Make sure you melt the ends to stop the unraveling of the rope.

Step 4: The Knots

The knots are very important for the swing because if you don't tighten them enough, you will crash.

The first knot is for het lowest tube, Click on the link below to make it. It's called 'the arbor knot'.

The second knot is for the other tube, in the middle of the rope. It must be 85 cm higher than the lowest tube Click on the link below to make it. It's called 'clove hitch'

The swing is symmetrically, so of course you do the same at the other side of the tube.

Step 5: The Cliffhangers

The place of the cliffhangers depends on the height of the branche of the tree. I clinched it about 1.3 meters from the middle tube. Guess what, I used again a knot. To keep it simple, it's one we already used for the swing, the arbor knot. Click on the link below to make it.

Step 6: Install and Enjoy the Swing

To install the swing, you throw the 2 ropes with the cliffhangers over a beautiful horizontal branche. You click the cliffhangers in the rope, pull a little to confirm the swing. Now you are ready to take off!

I made a little movie, click on the link below:

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