Modded Knexfreek "the Final Stand"

Introduction: Modded Knexfreek "the Final Stand"

About: Gunsmithing student and professional tinkerer, always dreaming of projects with no time to finish them!

i have modded "the final stand" with a stock, big and small wheels, and a loading arm, it is a very reliable gun, and i love the ability to rapidly fire with the loading arm, but you can't use rubber bands on the mag pusher, it just wont work the bands get stuck, any suggestions? So put tape around it, and push it up manually when ready.

i have now posted following pics of V2.0 Its stronger and Shoots harder.

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    1) Spelling and grammar.
    2) Blurry photos.
    3) I generally do not like people with spelling mistakes in their user-name...

    me is assisin
    me is assisin

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    At point 3,
    You need to look at the person 'behind' the name,
    not the pixels on your screen.
    The name doesn't say anything about the person.
    You could put it in a nicer way, without offending the person like:
    I don't like spelling mistakes in someones username.
    tough, i didn't take any offense from that, as i know that my username has 'spelling mistakes'

    You know I was thinking the exact same thing with the loading arm. Oh yeah, I also gave knexfreak the name of the final stand. Anyways, it looks pretty cool, I might make the final stand and see how well your loading arm works. 5*s. I still did have an idea just like yours.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I take it that you liked the gun?! hahah Awesome job dude i like the mods!

    knex luver234

    Well I think great minds think alike then, gues I just beat young it, but you will be very pleased with it, I had an original version, but it didn't slide down the orange connector track, but if you do make it, use v2.0

    knex luver234

    All right sorry about any typos I did this on an I pad, and it is kinda hard to type, I have already nodded the loading arm, and made it better as suggested using black rods, but is already very sturdy


    That is quite innovative. I like the loading arm! Use black rods to make it stronger.


    Nice gun, it looks like I_A_C's V5 Handheld Cannon. 4.5* And it is kNeXFreek, not knexfreak.