Mom's Birthday Scrapbook

Introduction: Mom's Birthday Scrapbook

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I made this scrapbook for my mom for her birtday!
Its flower inspired and really quite simple. And remember less is always more. Its really easy though it may look busy.
Have fun!

Step 1: Plan!

start with a template in mind.
the clearer you are in the beginning, the smoother your progress through the designing. if you, like me, get distracted and end up doing it the next day, its always good to have the template on paper.
go online to get inspiration and ideas. free and easy!

Step 2: Gather Your Materials!

here are some essential items you'll need. if you have specialty craft items or tools use them. but really not much fancy schmancy stuff is needed.
scrapbook items may be a little pricey so source in your own home or what you already have. make it unique; make it yours.
have your items ready at hand so its faster.

Step 3: Picture Perfect

pick your photos!
try to cut them to the same size.

Step 4: Template

whether you are following someone else's design or your own.
its good to have your cut outs and photos to scale and neatly arranged so you know where goes where. it also shows any blanks or empty spaces on the page.
have all your items cut out and ready.

Step 5: Technique

how do you get the raised effect of items? mount on strips!

Step 6: Arrangement!

this is how i get straight wordings. align a ruler to the side and with a piece of scrap paper as a guide, i glued on the word.

cut your ribbon and stick on before the last letter is glued.

Step 7: Ribbon Hangings

attach ribbon! because one ribbon is snug and the other is loose i used another technique to stick it on.

Step 8: Hang Your Photos and Letters!

this is how i hanged the letters that spelled out 'birthday' to the photos.
hang your photos using paper clips.

Step 9: Adding Interest

rub on your transfers to add interest.
i added foam butterflies and sequins to make it better.

Step 10: All Done!

omg everyone you are done!
display your work or keep it clean in an album. please comment if there are any questions. :D

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    14 years ago on Step 3

    thanks for the inspiration :) nice scrapbook


    15 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. Pictures could be a bit better, but nice job anyways.


    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    i am sorry about the photo quality.. it was taken by my phone's camera. will improve on it next time around thank you!