Introduction: Moving Box Rack

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moving box rack

Always on the run? No money and time for furniture? No need for furniture?
Or you want to upcyle your old moving boxes?

I knew that I had to move out in some months and I did not want to buy a reck to have more stuff to cary with me. And I had also no place to put the moving box...
This is not a real instructable, just sharing a pracical idea for runaways and other nomads.

upcycle: You can use that also as an easy upcycle project if you glue the stability-cartons, maybe put some more, tape it on the critical points and color the whole rack. It would be nicelooking than, cheap and useful. But I need them for moving out, so I could not destroy the carton by gluing it. Maybe I will make it one day and than I can load it up. :) Or you load it up here :)

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