Introduction: Moxx's Sword

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This is my AWESOME sword that may be the best knex sword on the site.  I wish i could take a picture that would do this sword justice but its too long for my camera to take a clear pic.  Its really sturdy even though ih bends slightly.  it can also be converted into a knife if you take out the middle section and alter the handle a little.  Please SUBSCRIBE and rate. 

Step 1: Tip

1) pieces
2) put together
3) close up on grey rod connection

if you are low on pieces you can just take this tip, add a handle, and end up with a really nice knife

Step 2: Middle

Step 3: Handle

1) pieces
2) connected

Step 4: Connecting

1-2) handle connection
3-4) mid-blade connection
5) done! Bask in its awesomeness!