Introduction: Multi Color Garden Lamp

The Milight GU10 LED bulbs (relatively cheap on ebay) are great for lighting the garden with romantic colors.

The only thing is that they are a few centimeters larger than the regular GU10 halogen bulb. So they don't fit in every GU10 lamp. That is why I decided to make my own waterproof garden lamp. I choose drainage PVC pipe and fittings for it since they look industrial and are easy to machine and glue together.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Used

Materials used

  • 7cm 50mm PVC pipe
  • 1x 50mm cap
  • 1x 50mm screw cap
  • 1x dual 50mm socket
  • 1x 50mm pipe mounting clip
  • hard PVC glue
  • 4cm 20mm round aluminum
  • 1x milight GU10 lamp
  • 1x GU10 fitting
  • 1x dual screw terminal
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x Cable Bushing

total cost: around €25,-

Tools used:

  • screw driver
  • small lathe
  • cnc mill (only for round perspex glass)

Step 2: Prepare PVC Parts

I use a lathe to machine the PVC parts.

And I think it will be difficult to do without. I had to make a large gap in the PVC screw cap, just till the rubber gasket. And a hole in the PVC end cap for the cable bushing. (large drill bit) Turn away some material from the inside of the end piece where the screw cap is screwed on. Just enough to make the bulb fit inside the end piece. Shorten the thread from the end piece, so that the screw cap can be screwed until the end of the thread.

Step 3: Prepare the Glass Part

Make a 50mm diameter round piece of polycarbonate or lexan for the glass.

I first tried this with a jigsaw but that only broke the work piece. So I went to my cnc milling machine.
I guess this needs some craftmanship to do it by hand :-)

Step 4: Mounting Clip

In fact, at first I made the lamp without knowing how to actually mount them.

Then I ran into the mounting clips. But I had to machine the assembled lamp because the clips only fit around a 50mm pipe. Not the 55mm socket. So I turned away some material on my lathe. But when you do this the smart way, you don't want to glue the end cap against the socket on the pipe, but leave a gap, the width of the clip. So you can mount the clip between the two.

Step 5: Prepare Aluminum Part

To be able to give the lamp 2 degrees of freedom: up and down, and left an right, I made a mount of aluminum where the clip is clamped on. This mount is put into a 16mm PVC electric pipe that you can than stick into the ground.

Step 6: Assemble the Lamp

Now its time to glue it all together.

You can't get to it later!

You should not be too carefull with the glue, use enough to make it watertight.
When the glue is dry you can connect the GU10 fitting to the power cord through a screw terminal.
Put the bulb in the fitting, place the bulb in the end piece, put the glass in the screw cap and screw it fairly tight.

Step 7: Finished Garden Light

Find a nice place in the garden and let it shine!