Introduction: Multiple Tomato Slicer

Simple way to slice a few grape tomatoes all at once.

Step 1:

Get two lids that are the same size. I just used two from some old chinese take-out. The lids can be bigger or smaller than the ones I used, it just depends on how many grape tomatoes you're trying to cram onto them and slice all at once.

Step 2:

Find a good, sharp knife (serrated knives work best) to slice through the tomatoes.

Step 3:

Squeeze as many tomatoes as you can onto one lid and then place the other lid on top of them.

Step 4:

Take that serrated knife you grabbed and, while placing one hand on top of the lids and tomatoes, slice on through those red ovals. 

Step 5:

Tada! You just cut your cooking time in half now that you don't have to slice each tiny tomato separately!