My 5.0 Hero Remake Seft Moc Icearon

Introduction: My 5.0 Hero Remake Seft Moc Icearon

About: we biuld thing like bioformer , lego robot and mechs and many more thing what you want to see let us know we try to biuld or we biuld thing we like.

my seft moc his larger but ausome if we can hit up too 150 view and 25 like i well show how to make my seft moc

Step 1: The Full Veiw

here a remake of my 5.0 hero my seft moc in two pic you can see him to a normal sized hero to my seft moc are bigest right now

Step 2: Update New Arms and Now Two Sword

now icerin has new arm with a shotgun and can be use to smash thing and he also has two new sword that can go on his back

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