Survive With the Best of Them, Made Easy.

Introduction: Survive With the Best of Them, Made Easy.

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Sorry if you clicked on the photo thinking it is some new Smoking device,it is not.In this day and age of Tweats, Wikee's, Blogerrs,Four-Spare, Myplace ,Youboob ,Stumbled-apawn and Likes [Fakebook] I need it online,and I want it now on my Smart Phone, where I can choose to surf and/or shop when I want. So don't listen to me.Use these few ideas of mine to choose for yourself.Find inner peace with knowledge... and a some Money. The searches were for ' Survival Pack' try also Survival Kit and Disaster Readiness.I live in the USA.These are just a few suggestions.Many of the stores online that sell these things have valuable Emergency Preparedness information [that is a good one to search also].

If there's a Wiki on it I don't need to tell you a thing.If nothing else use these or similar sites to find a good Kit then put those things together on your own,at your own pace.Find what YOU need, search for YOUR own location.Peace of Mind and again Inner Peace are what you are buying for yourself and any others around you.

Don't forget all the other Instrutables on Survival,there is lots of information.

The strange Hammer shaped thing is a Auto Glowing handled Flashlight/ Seat-belt Cutter/ Window breaker,it has a Magnet to use it hands free as a Flashlight.... you just never know.
Also shown are :
3- day Food and Water Kit
2 person 1 week Grab n Go Kit
Radio that charges Cell Phones with a USB port charge cord are also shown in the photos.
These Photos are my personal items I bought, I also got a Sanitation Kit but I wont bore you with that.The big Kit has a Gas Shut Off Tool how handy.Lots of these items are available at a local Climbing Store or look near you for a Survival type business.Where I live the Work Safety Stores carry much more than is online ,it is nice to hold it before buying it so shop local if you can.

Survive with the best of them.Do it your way.I hope to never have to use these but who knows now days.Here are some neat ideas to use:

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    We'd really like to see photographs of your things (you've seen mine) - can you get the use of a camera?



    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow, what a list! i would suggest breaking this up with some pictures. i think it would really help with the readability.