Introduction: My First Home Bar Build

First instructable!
I set out to make a professional bar using cheap materials and scraps. the cost was around $100.
This was the start of the man cave in my basement
it is made primarily from 2x4" x8' wall studs, 1x4" x8' as molding around the edges. 
It took about a week to build mostly because I don't own a truck so i had to make a lot of trips for lumber
my only regret is that i made it a little tall. I recommend most bars to have a height of 42". I made this one at 4' due to having a higher seated barstool
the tools i used were pretty basic
table saw
jig saw

I pretty much studied bars thru google images and just decided to wing it.... so this is it..

I started with the base which is 7 ft x 2 ft
then attached the 8 supports that were 46" high
secured around the top similar to the base
added two horizontal studs to the inside supports for the bottom bar table
I used left over paneling that was used by my houses previous owners to finish the basement walls, to make the walls of the bar. unfortunately one side is a cedar veneer and the other is oak. but i plan to paint over it or drink til it doesn't bother me anymore.
used the 1x4's to cover up the rough paneling and create some borders and trim
the bar top was a bit more expensive since i went with glued pine 1" thick 12" wide 92" long to create a 4" overhang

thats pretty much it.. I worked on it for a half hour every morning for a week and thats all it took. pretty simple method but next time I will make it shorter than 4 feet high