My Grimoire, the Mystorium

Introduction: My Grimoire, the Mystorium

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another grimoire,

this is still an ongoing work. it started life as a journal, 8 years ago, of all the occult/alchemical and spiritual stuff ive learned  or been led to. its had so much added to it i dont know where to start, sadly i cannot show all of it (as its personal to me), but i thought id give a sampler to inspire others. I see a lot of grimoires on here with empty pages and these beautiful books need filling.

i painted the designs on the moleskin cover and varnished it. I found a celtic pendant on my travels, this was embedded in the back of the book with a stanly knife to carve out the circle and super glued it in.

every page is scented and stained, some are burnt, magikal ink splatted and highly thumbed through, its been through some experiances.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting project...kinda reminds of the Necronomicon prop from Sam Rami's "Evil Dead" movies... (yeah, I know HP Lovecraft coined the name, but I'm referring to the movie prop itself).

    I'm not trying to be flippant. If there's spiritual stuff in your book you're serious about, that's OK with me. I'm just commenting on the artistic merit.

    I do hope your grimoire isn't written in human blood, though...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    no human blood, but i do use a silver infused ink called dragons blood, and a scented deep red ink called doves blood, these were made by a little company called sorcerers apprentice 15 years ago and to my knowledge don't contain real blood.
    also this book is more of a reference book than a serious spiritual opus and looks really cool lying around every Halloween, so yeah it works as a prop too,

    thanks for the comments.