My Knex Gun

Introduction: My Knex Gun

Step 1: The Handle

Step 2: The Side of the Scope

Step 3: Down the Scope

Step 4: The Barrol

Step 5: The Gun

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    Absolute fail. You can't hold a camera, cant be bothered to take it apart, and cant be bothered to learn to spell. Not to mention the typically shoddy build quality. No offence, I say it as it is. Naturwissenschaften have failed you.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for ending it. You didn't include the aforementioned in your comment indicating you did in fact give in.

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is terrible. There is a much better way to connect and build a handle than you have demonstrated, and the trigger blocks too far up the barrel. The scope is unnecessary, and your photography skills are worse than mine back in 2008.