Introduction: My Simple Cigarette Pipe

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hallo friends,

I use to smoke about 1-2 cigraettes every day. Never morning. In the Afternoon with my coffee i like to smoke my first cigarette and maybe one more till the end of the day. So i decided to make a small pipe tip more the cigarettes to keep away the smoke from my eyes when it gets smaller and handle it better. I found somewhere a piece of wood. Is a broken leg of a broken chair. So with Dremel i cut it and gave a shape of a cigarette pipe...
I cut 5cm lenght from the wood. I drill a hole of about 1cm on the upper area and a smaller about 3mm on the below.
The holes opened initaly with 3mm drill and the opened and get wider in the upper area with the ball shapper drill
After the holes we have to make a shape to the pipe. I choose the classic one like this they have the tips of some cigars
To give the shape i use sandpaper 800 of 3M and also the sandpaper tool of the Dremel. I use the thin sand paper for the fine result and details.
Now we are ready for painting and give it some more personal note.....first with tiny drill i etched my initials on the ti[ and second i apply a touch of gold on the upper area of the tip. This gold is authentic 24K gold coming in foils very thin. To apply this 24K foil has prepare the surface for it. I use a water glue called mixion water and i use it to apply the gold details on the eggtempera hagiography i paint. To apply this mixion first you have to apply another absorbe material on the surface. For this i applied a wood putty. It comes in big boxes and is really very cheap. After the putty drains i apply the water mixion with a small paintbrush in cross layers. After it comes sticky (checked by the finger) its ready the surface to acceft the gold....Golden foils are really expensive. A package of 10 foils costs about 35 euro. So you understand when you have an paint of Saint covered about 1/3 with gold the artist spend a half box to make this! Hopefully for my tip i spend only a small quantity.

after the goldfoil, i use 1000 sandpaper (very thin) to remove the remain not glued gold. and clean the surface fot the final paint. I use a natural clear vernice because my wood piece it comes from firtree and smells really nice. I applied 2 layers.

the final result is really nice. I hope you like it. Don't forget Smoking is only for Adults and also can kill you like  the radiation from ploutonioum Bombs in Iraq and elswhere. Ofcourse radiation kills you step by step exactly like smoking, While Smoking can stop it the bombs drop always and endless.......! ;)

thanks for watching

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