My Spartan Outfit

Introduction: My Spartan Outfit

my spartan outfit has multiple steps on how to get the required things. also it might cost around $75 or less depending on how much money you spent on it.

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies for Spartan Outfit

1. gloves
2. shield
3. sword (it can be either plastic, LARP, or real)
4. helmet (use cardboard or paper mache to make the helmet)
5. armor(armor is optional)

Step 2: Helmet

you can make this helmet from this link or you can make your own helmet out of cardboard or paper mache.

Step 3: Gloves

gloves are an easy step to a spartan outfit. all you have to do is go to home depot and get some gloves. or if you have gloves, just use those instead.

Step 4: Shield

the shield part is going to cost some to alot of money. but basically all you have to do is go to and type spartan shield or go to this link

Step 5: Sword

the sword part is going to be easy. just buy a plastic sword from a local dollar store, or buy one online. if you get a sword from online, they might offer a LARP or real sword, which is perfectly fine.

Step 6: Armor

again armor is optional, but you can either make armor from this link or you can buy real armor online.

Step 7: Finished

once you got all the items together, your done!

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