Introduction: MyRobot - DIY Robot

myRobot - DIY Robot Description:
Haven’t you always wanted a robot?  One that is affordable, customizable and useful?  One Siren Productions and Evolving Monkeys, in collaboration with eBork Devs, is building an open-source platform that will harness the boom in inexpensive microprocessors coupled with the strong maker community resulting with the rise of the DIY robot. 

The barrier for many robot tinkerers, builders and makers is the software.  The open-source myRobot community will allow for continuing development and expansion of capabilities with plugins.  This will make DIY robotics more accessible to a broader audience.  Now educators, hobbyists, adults, and kids alike can build and customize fully functional, multi-purpose robots.  Each builder will be able to customize their robot to their own personal use.  myRobot will provide a simple, low-cost way to build robots for home, commercial, educational, medical use, etc.  

We currently have a functional app that allows control of a two-wheeled platform and basic telepresence functions over WiFi.  We need funding to continue development, add our planned features, and expand support to Arduino, iOS, Raspberry Pi, LEGO Mindstorms, and more! 

myRobot Controller Features:
The myRobot Android App will be the “head” of an IOIO or Arduino-based remote robot, providing telepresence functions, controlling motors and servos, audio and video output, and receiving sensor data. 

- View camera feed with overlaid movement controls for robot
- Transmit audio or text-to-voice
- Play media on remote device
- Receive motion alerts
- View remote robot and other home security cameras

myRobot Features:
- Transmit camera feed to controller, web interface
- 3D orientation awareness
- Display remote camera feeds for telepresence/videoconferencing
- Two-way remote audio
- Send/receive serial commands to/from Arduino robot controller
- Customizable motor/movement library
- Customizable robot “faces”
- Location/distance sensing and room mapping

Robot will respond to remote control and basic voice commands, with autonomous sentry/motion sensing functions, room mapping, telepresence, etc.

Basic Hardware Requirements:
- Android phone/tablet, iPhone or iPad
- Arduino or IOIO microcontroller
- Sonic Rangefinder
- Any motorized chassis from a toy, R/C car, Hasbro Interactive R2D2, Roomba, or custom build!

Revenue Streams:
- myRobot will develop an interactive open source community of users and developers which will be partially ad-supported and donation supported.
- A comprehensive line of 3D printed and laser-cut mounts will be designed and available for purchase.
- Partnerships with retailers such as Sparkfun and Adafruit will provide revenue through the sales of myRobot kits for educators, kids and adults!
- All revenues will go back into development of additional features and plugins.

Thank you for considering my submission.

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