Introduction: Needle Felted Perry the Platypus

so this is for the 'pet' version of perry. if you want to make the secret agent version you'll need to make a hat and put his eyes more on the sides of his head. also be extreamly careful with the felting needles, stabbing yourself with one is like a bee-sting times a million.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

fabric,it can be any kind as long as it's in one piece and fairly thick.

blue wool.

medium felting needle.

orange wool.(not shown)

brown wool(also not shown)

and just ignore the scissors.

Step 2: Shaping the Fabric.

first thing you want to do is roll your fabric up into tight tube. you can sew or glue the edge down quickly. then place the wool around the fabric and stab it with the felting needle. it should be covered with blue felt. save some of the wool for feet!

Step 3: Feet

so roll four equally sized balls of wool and stab. then attach them to perry's body by stabbing through both the end of the leg and the body. but first choose one end for perry's head. place his legs all the way down and have his arms placed a bit lower than wher you want his face.(it looks weird if his arms are coming out of his head)

Step 4: Eyes and Beak.

so felt a half oval out of the orange wool and attach to perry's face. then make eyes for him by felting two tiny circles out of white wool.and the two circles out of black wool and attaching them together and then attaching them to perry's face.

Step 5: Tail

make a long oval shape and attach to perry for his tail.

Step 6: You're Done!

congrats! please comment and vote for me if you like this project!

Step 7:

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