Introduction: Nerf Longshot Scope Mod Into ACOG Style Scope

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Well, heres my second instructable. This is the first mod of this kind that I've seen after some searching, but maybe I didnt look in the right places. I will give detailed instructions on how to accomplish such a sweet lookin nerf scope. So, lets begin. 

Tools for this job are dremel/cutting tool, sharp blade, hot glue gun, some electric tape, sharpy, screwdirver(philips and flat head). 

Step 1: Take Apart Your Longshot Scope

The hardest part is of course taking off the end caps (that is if you wanna save them). If there is no need to save them, then go ahead and cut them off by following the seam for the scope body.

If you do want to save the caps, I suggest carefully prying them off with a good size screwdriver. Once they start to give, its just a matter of twisting, pulling, and tugging. Then again, they might just pop right off, but mine were glued like crazy.

Step 2: Start Your Cuts.

After you have removed your caps, moding begins. From the picture, cut the midsection of the back of the scope. Fit the back eyepiece into the body of the scope. Some very minor trimming is needed for a good fit. The placement of the new eyepeice is preference. I Placed mine as shown in the pic so the end cap could be used.

Step 3: New Front Lens Location.

This step takes a bit of time and patience. There is probably an easier way for doing this, but this is how i did it. You're free to follow or use what you think is easier.

Take the front lense out and mark the inside of the body where new supports will be hot glued. I used spare plastic from the pistol/barrel extension that worked perfect for this.

 Further instructions are on pictures. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

Step 4: Cutting to Get That ACOG Look

From the pictures, just follow the line. Piece the two halfs together and slowly mark the cut with dashed line to make sure that they end up straight with both halfs, then follow through with a solid line marking the angled cut thats to be made.

The cut does not have to go into the body, it can end where the cylinder body of the scope meets with the spuare bottom of the scope body. Its all about preference.

Step 5: Some Touch Up

For the gap the exists after the front of the scope is cut, use some spare plastic and cut out two small rectangles that will fill the gap. Hot glue them in place and trim any excess for a nice look. Further detail can be put into filling the gap. I was gonna use some of the front part of the scope as a filler to get a nice circular look, but i already scrapped them.

Step 6: Some Minor Touch Up

for the inside of the scope, use some electrical tape to just cover up and make it look a little bit more appealing.

Step 7: ...and...yeah

You are now finished with your Nerf ACOG style scope.

I hope you guys enjoy this mod and if there are any questions or help is needed, please feel free to drop a line.