Introduction: Nerf Mavrick Mod

i will be showing you how to make your maverick rev-6 look more real

!!!This can mess up your gun...!!!!

this may be my first but plz say what you want.dont cuss

Step 1: Stuff You Need

look at the pic...
no you dont need the bb's the cat food or the pen

Step 2: Open It Up

take off the three on the slide only take off 1 side of the slide

Step 3: Open It Up

now take off the rest of them

Step 4: Open It Up

now the you have it open take off the big black thing by pressing the little black button and move the gray hanges

Step 5: Grind Down

follow the pic's you need what is the first pic the 2 pic should look like the 3,4th like the 5th

Step 6: You R Done

now all you have to do is put it back together and see if it still works