Introduction: Nerf Paint Dart

Paint Dart Mod is a simple mod to standard and even Stephen Nerf darts. It is sure to keep you entertained and makes Nerf target shooting a blast or should I say a splat! It cost around $20 to make multi colored ones for fun cosmic paint splats!

Tools you will need

Exact-o knife

Hot glue gun and glue

Water soluble non-toxic paint (fill)

Nerf streamline or elite darts (sonic micro will work also)

Nerf Blaster

Step 1: Opening the Dart

Take the stock Nerf dart and cut a X in the tip. Try to use any hole in the darts point in the cut line. This will help when sealing in the paint.

Step 2: Fold Back the Tip to Expose the Inner of the Dart Head

Step 3: Place a Dot of Paint in the Tip.

Don’t let it spill out a small dot will go a long way.

Step 4: Cap the Dart

Take the hot glue gun and place a very thin coat of glue over the X cut. Globs of glue will not allow the tip to compress on contact with targets.

Step 5: Repeat 1-4 Till You Have Enough to Fill a Clip-Izine

Let the targets have it!

I am not responsible for any damage to any Nerf blaster property or people injured by this Instructible builder or moder assumes full responsibility for any damages or actions. Use eye protection when playing with or making.