Introduction: Nerf Recon Removable Foregrip

 I saw a recon foregrip mod on but it was screwd to the gun and as I like to use the gun without the barrel that was no good mod for my.

So i decided to make it removable. This is the result:

(I forget to make pics in they process so the pics are from when it's finished. )

Step 1: Materials

I didn't use much materials:
the gun
the barrel
the "tactical sight"
some metal scrap
some velcro
a scissor
a rasp
and a hot glue gun

Step 2: Mod #1

Now we will attach the velcro and rasp a bit off the barrel.
Adding the velcro isn't that hard. just find a good spot where the metal can get and glue it.
as you can see there is a litlle pin that stops the TS (tactical sight) from moving.
You can just rasp it away.

Step 3: Mod #2

First will just lay it on top so we can see how it should be.
Then you can glue it on top of the TS.
When you place the velcro on the metal, make sure that it's placed correctly and everything can move completely back.

Step 4: Done

You're done!
just put it to the test.
Please comment!

Step 5: Extra

Things to do:
{1} What is also nice to do, is the shaving of the edges of the metal. This makes it better to use. (done)
{2} Increase the amount of Velcro.                                                                                                    
{3} other material. Velcro isn't working as well as i like. any ideas? 

(mods : AR removed, o-ring replacement, some soft stuff to stop the sound but it doesn't work yet, any tips?)

with barrel       : a average of 12 m (40 feet)
without barrel : a average of 16 m (50 feet)