Introduction: Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon Mod Upgrade Pump

nerf super soaker hydro cannon is a big and awesome blaster,have good potential .add a pvc pipe can shot normal darts,mega darts,missile ha..

but need pump 20 plus one time. very tied . the pump is very very upgrade it first, add barrel is simple

Step 1: Buy a Bike Pump

i find mod guide on internet, use bike pump is the best way.i find a long term for this pump (pic 1) its not a AD hahaha

i show the brand cos this pump is very very very fit this gun.

you can see the size comparison. double size as original one. its double action,push and pull both work.

so 4 to 5 pump same as 20 pump before.

Step 2: Cut and Install New Pump

u can see the pic, if the pump longer a little ,its can not fit so well, maybe this pump design for this gun hahahaha. no need add any parts to fix pump ,it fix already.

Step 3: Link to Grip

this step a little difficult. need a lot of work, cut the pump original handle like picture.then use screw link with the original pole.then done.

Step 4: Done

finish. appearance no any change .only the pump can not back the previous position(look pic) ,i think i s not a problem.cos never pull it the the end before haha .

its time to take the upgrade cannon to war hahhaha.