Introduction: Never Scratching Cd/dvd Protection

If you keep old files and backups on cdr or other optical media you have probably had some disks go bad over the years even though they are stored properly. The normal plastic "jewel" cases, folded paper sheets, and commercially available storage methods all have the potential to damage your cds and cause your valuable data to be lost.

This storage method keeps your cds from taking any abrasive damage, and also prevents damages caused by the aging of the plastics and resins the disks are made of. It's simple, cheap, and damn near fool proof.

Step 1: Put Your Cds Into Fold Top Sandwich Bags

That's all, just slide them in, fold it over, and the plastic bag will trap precious organic volatiles in while keeping harmful grit out.

cost ~$0.005 per bag

Step 2: Wrap Them Up!

Put your CDs into the sammich bags.

Step 3: Optional: Stuff the Cds Into a Cardboard Box

to really make an archive of significant size, you should use a cardboard box of suitable size and shape to store your wrapped cds and protect them from the damaging effects of the suns rays or coffee or whatever is laying around your desk trying to mess up your cds. Be sure to empty the kittens out before putting the cds in.