Introduction: New Way of Cooking

Cooking with Rocks

Pressure cooker + HOT Rocks = delicious, and healthy cooking ???.
Put hot rocks inside a pressure cooker, add meat /or chicken, then lock it.
Now, you can kept for one hour or 5 hours, it keeps hot for long, and never over burn your meal. Also, it's movable, you can take it to a picnic with you while cooking.

Step 1: Preparation

you need:=
1- some rocks (strong rocks; that do not crack with high temperature)
2- pressure cooker (big size is better).
3- aluminum foil.
4- any kind of tweezers for catching the hot rocks.
5- Chicken or meat ( in my example, I prepared two chickens stuffed with rice. also, I packed some Vegetables inside aluminum sheet)

Step 2: Heating the Rocks

1-collect enough rocks that will fit inside your pressure cooker together with the food you have (ex. chicken).
2- heat the rocks with any source of fire (ex. stove, or even coal. usually they need to be heated for 10 - 15 min.
But you can stop when you see parts of the rocks are turning from black to red.

Step 3: Start Cooking

1-Now put some of the Rocks on the bottom of the pressure cooker.
2- cover them with aluminum foil, so you keep your food clean.

Step 4: Put Your Chicken

1- put your chicken inside the pressure cooker.
2- cover the chicken with another sheet of aluminum.

Step 5: Put the Rest of Rocks and Close

1-fill in the empty space with the rocks you still have.
2- lock the pressure cooker.

Now you can wait for minimum 50 minutes.
Or if you want you can leave it for 4 hours and it will still be hot, and it will not over burn your chicken. Also, it will keep warm for more than 4 hours.

Step 6: Enjoy It

I opened the pressure cooker after 4 hours. here are my chikens (are well done) and hot

enjoy it