Introduction: Ninja Throwing Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

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These fly well and they are fun to have fights with friends, you can stuff them with coins and they will fly even better. I am not responsible if you hurt someone or poke their eye out or something. If you have any ninja or naruto related stuff you want to show off, join my group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (club naruto)

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
1.paper, you can use 81/2by11(needs to be cut) or a square piece of paper.(two sheets of square or notebook)
2.scissors ( if you are using 81/2by11)
3.pencil or pen, if you want
4.markers, if you want
5.tape, yet again, if you want
6.coins, preferably quarters, help make it fly better, but you dont need them

Step 2: Starting the Building, Kind Of

take the two pieces of paper, if you are using 81/2by11 and cut them into squares by what I did or just cut. unfold after

Step 3: Now..................... We Build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fold the two pieces in half and unfold

Step 4: Getting Closer...........................

After unfolding the last step, fold both sides of the paper to the middle fold, the one you made last step. In the second picture, the paper on the right is what the 5th step looks like.

Step 5: The Hot Dog Looking Thing.......

So basically what you just did was fold the edges to the middle, now you fold the paper like you did in step3, but don't unfold step 4, got it?

Step 6: Hard to Describe

you have to follow the picture on this one, you have to make triangles the opposite of each side and opposite on each paper.

Step 7: Close to Done

fold the paper in the opposite way of the triangles so it looks like the pictures, this is hard to explain so just follow the pictures.

Step 8: Now You Are About 2steps Away

lay them on top of each other as shown in the pictures and fold the flaps in like the pictures.

Step 9: Sooooooo Close

basically do what you did on the other side put the lose ends in the flaps.

Step 10: Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after all the folding it should look like the pictures

Step 11: Some Other Throwing Stars

look at these, some of my best