Introduction: Omni_use Usb Cover and Fun With Plasti Dip

this is my first instructable even though i've been lurking on the site for well over two months.
i intend this to be my first in a series (so far 3) on using plasti dip for other than it's intended use.

materials needed.

- one can plasti dip ($11usd at ace hardware)
- dremel or dremel like tool with a sanding drum and cutting disk ($40 black and decker at home depot)
- one ps2->usb adapter (free?)
- usb cable or other suitable usb end to use for dipping (free?)

right away i'd like to apologize for the quality of the pics. i took them with my xbox 360 camera and they do suck bad. as soon as i get a better cam i'll retake the photos and re-upload them.

sidenote: does anyone know how to delete pictures from your library? i'm using firefox in case it matters.

Step 1: Prepping the Adapter

get your adapter and use the dremel cutting disk to cut the ps2 top off and then use the sanding drum to make it smooth.

Step 2: Dip It!

plug an unused usb cable in your newly formed adapter.
use forceps and dip your adapter (about 1/2 way up the cable) and pull it back up.
shake all the excess dip off the end and wait about 10 minutes. after about 10 minutes you can use your finger or something to wipe the small drip that has formed at the bottom of your adapter.

Step 3: Let It Dry.

the plasti dip is super thick and as such will look like way to much is on your adapter. this is why we shake it to get the excess off. it still looks like to much though. this is ok. let your piece dry for a good 4 hours. the dip drys and shrinks. it tightens so well that the grip marks on your piece will be visible through the dip coating! :)

i dipped it 3 times.

using a razor or your thumb nail; slice around the usb cable to get a nice clean cut around your piece.

everyone is so wound up about compact this and light weight that. i like my electronic trinkets to have a little heft to them. i dipped a thumbstick and it matches the adapter cover perfectly.

now i planned on more for this plug since i'm always losing the covers for various sticks. drilling a hole in the side and putting it on a lanyard for instance and then you have a cover for whatever stick you'll be carrying that day.

as a cover for us mp3 player users that carry the usb cable around and don't want the end to get tossed or corroded.

again, i apologize about the quality of the pictures. as soon as i get a better camera i will be updating this instructable.