Optical Pen Mouse Hack

Introduction: Optical Pen Mouse Hack

this is my first instructable

I had been looking for an optical pen mouse instructable with no soldering whatsoever.

but the only one I could find needed to be soldered.

So I thought, may as well make one and here it is.

The No soldering needed optical pen mouse.

(Note: you may need to cut more or less of the cover then I did, depending on how you want to hold it)

Step 1: Getting the Materials

for this instructable you will need.

an optical laptop mouse (I had two laying around, amazon has same decent ones for about 8$)

a pencil (a chopstick would work as would a small stick cut down to size)

a small screwdriver

and a knife or small saw

I used my pocket knife but, in hindsight a small wood saw would have worked better.

I had a mouse where the usb cord had broken so I used it to test the angle of the pencil

Step 2: Opening the Mice

So the first thing is to open the mouse up and take out the scroll wheel

test the pencil in the space where the scroll wheel had been and make sure it will fit.

if you can pick up the whole piece by the pencil than you can move onto step 2.

if the pencil did not fit use a knife and cut a little bit off of each side and try again, keep doing that until it fits.

Step 3: Cutting the Pencil and Cover

as I have already mentioned, I had a secondary mouse that was broken to test with.

I cut the pencil so that it rested in such a way as to let me still click on the left mouse button,

you will most likely need to experiment to find the right spot for you.

Step 4: Putting It All Together and Any Extras

Okey so now you put all the working parts together and voila! you now have your own optical pen mouse

without spending 40$ or more.

I will be adding a video on the construction and use of the pen mouse.

I kept the second cover and the scroll wheels just in case I need or want to use the mouse normally again.

hope this helps

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    5 years ago

    do you need to hold the left click button to use it?


    Reply 5 years ago

    To draw with it you would press the left button, I had my hand sit so that I could push the left button with my thumb.
    but for moving to a different part of the screen you just move the mouse.
    Hope that helps.