Introduction: Organized Glove Box

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make this to your like and the functionality of your own glove box. keep in mind you need clearance for it to swing up. its just something quick I did in a few hours. but it functions and i love it :)

Step 1: Inspecting the Space

as you can see its a mad mess... clean it all out and examine the clearance room on top you may need to close it a little to see how much room you can play with. mine looks like I have some type of fuse box so I decided to make mine easy to take apart.

Step 2: Template/ Tracing/tooling

so I didn't really know how to get the shape so i made a template with pieces of cardboard.

  1. you will need:
  • skill saw
  • 1/4 of an inch plywood
  • safety glasses!!!
  • an idea of what you want it to look like or hold

that is it!

you need to make a template, then you need to trace it on the wood you will use. cut it out with the skill saw. (you may need to revise it later as you cut and test the pieces )

Step 3: Example of Shape/assembling

so i decided to use only two side and not a middle piece you can do what ever your heart decideds.

for quick disassembling I decided to make notches in the wood also taking away using glue and hardware.

I had to cut one if the side pieces to clear a pipe so it could close. but start of with your main shape then revise if needed (measure twice cut once!) I did this all using a skill saw.

Step 4: All Done! But Wait One More Thing!

so as you can see it fits but I had to fix the shelve because once it got towards the back it started to get skinnier. so I cut it at a slight angle from the little tab. but yours may be different.

so that is it I hope you enjoy it, it will make it less frustrating when you get pulled over im sure! lol ;)

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