Introduction: Orginization Tips

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you do not have to do this my way this is just my opinion on how i like to orginize, if you do not like any of these ideas you simply do not have to do them :)

Step 1: Makup Orginization

so for this orginizing tip its for girls and what you do is either go to target and but a makeup brush holder or you could use an old jar and then customize it however you would like examples: wrap ribbon around it, color on it with shapie, duct tape it, etc. but for todays tutorial we are not going to do that we are going to orginize the old fashioned way... lets get started

Step 2: Makeup Orginization Continued...

materials:so what we are going to do today is take a makup bag or a brush holder and it was 10$ from target and the makeup bag was 20$ from CVS. (reminder: this is optional and this is my way of orginization you are not forced to do it this way you may do it any way that you would like and be comfterable with)

option one:

So as you see in the picture you can put all your brushes, mascara, and eyeshadow primer into this handy little invention, it has really helped me stay orginized.

second option:

another option is to take a makeup bag you can fit basically anything into this bag and can put everything that you need into it. I personally liked it because that way when i travel i can just pick it up and go!

Step 3: Lotions, Perfumes, Chapsticks, and More!

so in this picture you can see how i have put all my little bottles of lotions and perfumes in an orginized little pile. and then right in front of it i have put all of my EOS chapsticks scattered in front of all of my lotions / perfumes. i personally love the way this looks and the way it is orginized. you may put yours in anyway that you would like!

Step 4: Jewerly Orginization

For jewerly it is not that complicated i went to the mall and shopped around and got a cute little glass bowl for about 17$ and it has really helped!

so i just took all of my bracelets and just put them into the bowl, its as simple as that!

Step 5: Rubber Band Orginization

so what i did was take just and sort of clip and hooked all my rubber bands onto it, this was the easiest thing i have ever done and it has helped me not to lose all of my rubber bands

Step 6: Your Done Orginizing

i hope you all enjoyed my tips on orginizing!
see you next time :)