Introduction: Our Penguin Robot

Our Penguin Robot

Want to make your own? Follow DIY instructions.

Step 1: Head Core

Three 3D printed parts + 1 small servo + 1 roll servo set from ServoCity + screws = core of robot head

Step 2: Neck

Head core + 1 mounting piece + 1 pan servo set  = robot neck

Step 3: Robot Body

Mount robot neck to a large shoulder part ( get some pierced work to save 3D printing cost ) which sits in an off-shelf plastic drum. Check dimensions with your drawing.

Step 4: Head Conver

Add 1 plastic sphere to head core, attention to the center position, mark before drilling holes.

Step 5: So Far So Good?

Enjoy your game so far? The next steps are harder, lol. Print robot eyes, make sure they are fit for camera w/ PCB board.

Step 6: Robot Eyes

Mark + drill + shimmel + cover edges = holes for two eyes ready. Take care, slowly, don't break the sphere.

Step 7: Robot Beak

Mount beaks with servo.

Step 8: Robot Wings

Add wings with servos. In case of wings being broken, using magnets and flexible think plastic pieces. It's easier to make and assemble. Now, your penguin robot has the whole skeleton! You can play with it!

Step 9: Robot Skin

Thanks to my friends, Eric, who worked with a friend to sew a nice suit for our penguin robot.

What do you think of me within the suit? lol!

Till now, the whole DIY work is done. And some further work is shown next page.

Step 10: Play With Your Robot!

When finished the robot platform, I got some friends for a further research. We build an Andorid app to remote-control the robot and realized face tracking based on OpenCV and even more. Because of some confidential issue, only this Youtue video can be shown:

By the way, we have a 3D scan of our penguin robot using Kinect. Like it? Print it! Model is on the way!

Thanks to all my friends who co-worked with me on this robot, you are the best! Thanks for Prof Fischer who is sponsoring the research project! Thanks for watching!

Vote for me, pls!

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