Overflow of Bubbles Toilet Prank

Introduction: Overflow of Bubbles Toilet Prank

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this prank is pretty simple, with very destructive and stressful results. it ends with the toilet overflowing with an emulsion of carbon dioxide bubbles.

  sorry for the slight lack of pictures. I don't have a legit camera, so I took most of them on my computer's webcam and one of them with my cell phone.

Step 1: Ingredients

these ingredients are fairly simple. the only thing you could have a problem with is the citric acid, which you might be able to find on the internet. I found mine at an amish store.

citric acid

baking soda

dish soap

Step 2: Add Citric Acid and Soap to the Tank

this step is pretty straightforward. the only thing I would have to say is that the tank should have a lot of citric acid in it. like, a lot. I would say put about a cup in there. maybe a cup and a half to be safe. try to put as much as you can in. same with the soap. about half the bottle should work.

also, try to mix as you put it in. the citric acid should be dissolved as much as possible. same with the soap.

why not use vinegar, you say? well, for two reasons. first, vinegar is very voluminous. it would take too much space. second, it is smelly. you would be given away when the bathroom smells like nasty.

Step 3: Put Baking Soda in the Bowl

the baking soda should definitley be dissolved as much as possible. I would say to just keep adding it until you see the stuff start to collect at the bottom and you can't make it dissolve. then you know it's saturated.

I would say this should also be about a cup of baking soda.

Step 4: Wait for Your Devilish Plot to Unfold

the toilet, when flushed, will release a large amount of suds. it's not like in the picture, but that was the only one I could find. it's actually better my way, because the toilet suds will suddenly bubble up and leave the toilet almost immediately. they will slop all over the floor and the person will be struck so fast that they won't know what to do.

don't do this if you don't want to help someone clean up a large, large mess. it will be very messy. you might want to use antibacterial soap just in case.

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    5 years ago

    Will baking soda and vinegar do it?


    Nice. I can think of some fun things to do with this...

    Citric acid is sometimes in baking or candy supply stores, and sometimes in health food stores. I always keep it on hand, for:

    bath bombs
    making invert sugar
    all sorts of candy that needs a little tartness, like pink lemonade marshmallows
    mixing with baking soda to make sodium citrate, to make a smooth nacho cheese sauce

    I never thought of adding dish soap to the citric acid and baking soda. My kids would love playing with all that foam. Great instructable!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ha, I totally forgot about this instructable.

    thanks for the input.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    This is one of my childhoods harshest pranks! We managed the load size and flush timing, so that at our school the explosion came out one floor below the insertion place. We also made it with carbide from construction sites (also fun combining with water and fire), and some chemical for plants, which reacted with water. The most fun was keeping this secret to a small group of insiders. But the secret always came out with not so much fun afterwards. The version number one, long before this, was with the dry toilet (without water, just the stuff) and adding yeast to it. Much of it. It is slow, but what a mess!!! And nobody can stop it.