Introduction: Paint Your Phone

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Old Nokia phones are great phones but they have a very big problem …….they are all boring.but you can make them very cool by just painting them.

So …in this instructables i will show you how to paint your phone.

lets begin…...

Step 1: Things You Need

there is not much needed…


*screw driver


*super sharp cutting knife

*soft sander(optional)

*paint gloss(optional)

Step 2: Tearing It Apart(part One)

First we start by opening the battery cover by sliding it we take the battery and the cim card out.once we've done all that we grab a flat head screw driver and push it in the gap between the front part and the back part once the gap has widened we push our finger between it and separate them and after that we take the keyboard off the cover.

Step 3: Tearing It Apart(part Two)

Now we open all the screws and gently get the electronics out.

and our cellphone is ready to be prepared for paint job.

Step 4: Preparing for Paint

We start by sanding it until we have a super smooth surface.

Once the sanding is finished we should cover the window.We start by taping the body and then we use the cutting knife to take off all the the other parts that have unnecessary tape on them. make sure to get the edges completely soft.Now we should use a metro card or some thing like that to get all the bubbles out.

At last….We are ready to paint it.

Step 5: Painting It

Now it is time for the fun part. Time for sure to paint it in indoors or else there will be dust and dirt stuck in the paint and will result to an awful paint job.Remember to never rush the paint job.You should put a very thin layer of paint ,if not there will be bubbles on the paint .Be patient, let the paint dry completely before touching it.After the paint has dried, take off the tape.Use the the gloss spray to make it shiny. I didn't use gloss because i don't like the shine.

PS.make sure you paint it with the spray paint from at least 20 cm away.

Step 6: Adding Decals

This is a tricky part we start by finding the decal we want to work with and printing it in the right size. Now we tape the whole area, after that we should place the printed photo on the mobile phone and cut out all the parts that need to be painted.Now we should paint the area. after the paint has dried ,simply take the tape off and smoothen the edges with a cutting knife.

Step 7: Tada

At last our paint job is complete.We simply put it back together and the job is done!Now go and show your awesome Nokia to your friends. Feel free to ask questions and please vote for the phone contest.thank you!!


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