Introduction: Pallet Dining Table

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102 year old floor boards, recycled floor joists to make this beautiful piece

Step 1: The Main Structure

to start off the pallet dining table i got two pallets together and almost stripped them of timber. i then pushed them together and used other scrap pallet timber to screw them together to make it as strong as i could.

Step 2: The Legs

once the two pallets were screwed together i then cut four legs. i screwed these to the inside corners of the table. later in the build i decided to add another leg to make the legs a bit bulkier.

Step 3: Setting Up the Table Top

in these photos i start to lay ontop the recycled timber to see how the layout would look. i started at one end and with my table saw and drop saw i cleaned up the flooring to fit together better as some of the flooring were a bit battered.

Step 4: Bracing the Bottom

once i had cleaned the timber edges up i put some liquid nails down (Australian builders glue)
and then had nailed each board down.
i then flipped the table over. i cut aome 20mm thick board into strips and then glued and screwed them down. this was for extra support of the floor boards. i then used the pallet baords to cover the underside to make it look a bit more appealing.

Step 5: Beginning the Staining

this step is when the staining starts. i stained the table the first time. but once it was done i realized that all the boards were not 100% ever/flush with each other and decided to go over it with an electric belt sander. this took ages. but got there in the end.

Step 6: Staining Continued

i stained the table again and then added a strip of 40mm x 19mm timber around the outside as a boarder. i then decided i didnt like the timber stain and started to sand it back. i didnt sand it all the way back and this left some traces of stain on. but when i stained the new stain on it made a look that i was very pleased about so i made this as the final finished.

after removing all sawdust from the table and used an poxy resin which once dry gives the table a glass finish.

Step 7: The Final Project

now its all done! hope you enjoyed my project. check out my others