Introduction: Paper Blow Pipe

allo. ive made these darts at school, and it's really effective if you add a mechanical pencil's eraser into the dart.check the images i added to this step, because i furgot to add these in different steps. have fun!

WARNING: i am not responciple(can someone tell me how to spell that?) for any injuries that may occur.

Step 1: What You Need:

you need one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, paper, tape, and sizzors.

Step 2: Creating the Dart

this is one of the simplest, but hardest steps. whatchya gotta do is roll the paper from one corner down the shorter side all the way untill there's no paper left to roll. then, tape and cut at the point in which you feel like the dart's the right size. clean up the side of the dart bye adding more tape, then unroll the rest of the paper (not the dart!) if you have any, put a mechanical pencil's eraser into the back of the dart, then use a pencil to push it in (with a pencil) harder untill it wont come out if you shake it

Step 3: Rolling the Pipe

roll the pipe from corner to corner down the long side so it's a tube.
then, adjust the tube untill the dart will fit in completly, but stay where you put it when you tip it down. make sureit's snug, but you can remove it, then tape the tube down to make that thickness permanent. then, layer a lot of tape around the more snug end (in case it's lopsided, like most of mine.) tape well! next step, you can customize it or refine it.


ook, you got your blow dart made. Now, all you need to do is aim, breath in slightly, then blow hard for a half second. you might need to refine that too, because you might blow either harder or softer than me. if you get it JUST RIGHT, you should be able to hit a man sized target from 50 feet. keep practicing, and you might even get over 100. that's all, and remember, if you get hurt, or if you hurt someone, it's not my fault :D have fun(and dont kill anybody!)!