Introduction: Paper Plane- the Swashbuckler

Hi, on this tutorial ill show how to make an amazing paper airplane that fly a lot of time and stay a lot of time in the air,

Its called "The swashbuckler".

Step 1: Materials

ok, the only thing you will need is 1 paper.(i used special origami paper)

Step 2: Folding

1.Make a perfect diagonal crease. Then unfold it.

2.Do the same thing with the other cornner. Fold and unfold. and filp over.

3.You should now have a big creased X in your paper. Later fold the top of your paper down so that the corners line up precisely with the bottom of the creased X. Unfold and flip over.

4.After you flip the paper over,lay it down on the table. Than, press the middle of the creased X until the sides " jump" up.Pull the top edge of the paper downward. As you do, the sides of the paper should fold inward along the horizontal creases you alreday made.

5. pick up just the top layer of the big triangle, folding the bottom-left corner to the top.Do the same with the right side and filp over.

6. Fold the laft side onto the right. Unfold and filp over.

7. Bring the very top of the plane down so that is sits right at the base of the tringle. Make sure it's lined up with the vertical crease, then fold and flip up.

8. Fold the left side on the top of the right, lining up all the edges and rotate.

9. make wings bay folding the top of the nose down to the bottom. Do same in the other side and filp over.

10. Finally, add pinky-width fins to the ends of your wings. Make them steright up and down.

Step 3: Flying

You can flying the plane outdoor or indoor.

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