Paper Water Level Indicator Circuit With Paper Transistor

Introduction: Paper Water Level Indicator Circuit With Paper Transistor

take a paper and penile 

List of material need
1. Paper (any book are note paper )  
2. Pencil  (any one )
3. LED  (20 mA  small LED)
4. Wire single strand
5. Sticking tape
6. Battery (6 volt 4.5ah or 12 volt 7ah for best result )

Step 1:

draw a transistor shape using pencil

Step 2:

using pencil fill the shape with dark shade

Step 3:

add LED like an image connect  positive to LED anode and cathode to an paper transistor collector using sticking tape

see video for paper transistor 

Step 4:

using pencil draw a ring at base of transistor and fill with pencil shading

Step 5:

please metal glass on top of the ring and connect battery like positive to an LED anode and negative to an emitter of paper transistor 

Step 6:

make a  positive extinction like blue wire for level point  

Step 7:

now dip a blue wire with out touching metal wall  to a water filled metal glass so the positive trigger is given to the base so LED switch off 

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    AH Electronics
    AH Electronics

    5 years ago

    This instructable is definitely compiled of some seriously misleading info. Please know that Transistors can Transfer Resistance as you use in your argument, but that's not what makes it a transistor. If your word was true then any metal with resistance can be considered transistors.

    Root Serv
    Root Serv

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is not a transistor, your simply using pencil led as a conductive part of your circuit. It doesnt matter how you draw it, put your contacts in the same parts of the circuit youll have the same results. the very first transistor was built in the 1920's and consisted of two layers of glass sandwiching a thin layer of aluminum surrounded by a semiconductor material. technology is obviously gotten way better but you can't just draw a transistor schematic symbol on a piece of paper and have it work the same way. Refer to the coments people are telling you it really gets too technical to leave in a comment.


    9 years ago

    Paper and penile???