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Introduction: Papercraft Handbag

I made this instructable because I wanted a new bag. I wanted to make it my self, but i  was to lazy to do it out of fabric so i did it like this :). I already knew the technique but i did't think of it directly. A friend  of mine came to school with a big bag made the same way, that's how I got the idea.
this is what its all about:

Step 1: What Do You Need?

you need:
- ± 3 ful color magazines 
- ducktape (in a nice color)
- 1 clasp ( such as in the picture)
- 2 decent magnets

Step 2: How to Make the Pieses

I can't explain this very well but the video should make it clear :)
make 3 rows of 20, 2 rows of 10 and 1 row of 6 like this.

Step 3: How to Make Your Rows Into Circles

i can't explain this either so just look at my second video.
change your 3 rows of 20 in to to circles.  

Step 4: Make the Bag

how do you change this into a bag?
just look and click on the pictures and see for yourself.

Step 5: Time for the Belt

I can't tell you how long the belt has to be. Just try it on, just above your hip.
And how to make it?
The pictures will tell you the story.

Step 6: Finish! Attach the Belt to the Bag

i just love photograph's! So please check them to see how I attached the belt to the bag.

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