Paracord Bug Belly Bar Knife Wrap




Introduction: Paracord Bug Belly Bar Knife Wrap

Before we begin, i just wasn to say that I did NOT come up with this pattern,all I did was create an instructable. I found the original here, and I have seen the handle warp before but no instructable.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need duck tape or similar.( painters tape works to)


Knife with handle that needs to be wrapped


Paracord (i used about 9 foot and had plenty left over, but you need to add more depending on the knife handle.)

Ruler or measuring tape

Paracord needle/needle nose pliers (optional but highly recommended)

Step 2: Tape Up the Knife Blade

It is very simple, just put tape on the knife blade so you don't cut yourself.

Step 3: Start the Pattern.

Take cord A and wrap it around side A, while cord B is going under side B. (see picture)

Step 4: Make Loop

Grab cord A and pull a little to form a loop in the middle of the handle.Then take the end of cord B and pull it through the loop, pull TIGHT, the tighter the better.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step 3 and 4 till you get close to the end. When you get close you may need to start using a paracord needle or needle nose pliers.

Step 6: Something You May Need to Do

You may need to do this with the needles depending on the shape of the handle.

Step 7: Over Under

Starting with the last rib and slide the working ends under the rib.

Then go over the next one and under and repeat to the end.

Be sure to line the cordage up with the side of the handle.

Once you get to the end be sure you go under the first rib no matter what.

Step 8: Almost Done

With the remaining ends go through the hole if there is one or just cut and burn.

If you didn't cut and burn you can tie the ends together in some knot of your choosing. i prefer the lanyard knot, but a Simple overhand knot would work just fine.

Step 9: Finished Product

You can find an easy lanyard knot here.

If you do a knot don't forget to cut and burn the cord.

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    IF you really wanted to you could put something in the middle if there was room, nice though!!