Introduction: Paracord Fishtail With No Buckles

Have you ever ran out of buckles? to me, this is the most infuriating stage of life. Fortunately, paracord lovers, I have devised a solution. a fishtail paracord bracelet without a buckle.

Step 1: You Will Need

a lot of paracord
a jig ( optional but it makes it look a lot better)

Step 2:

first, cut a piece of cord to your size, but double and a bit more. Because you fold the piece in half and tie a double not.

Step 3: The Weave

now tie a not a the top at the area( remembering to leave a part at the top for the not to go through ). the weave is quite simple:go under the first one then over the over. this is like a figure of 8 shape.

Step 4: Repeat

just complete to the end

Step 5: Cut and Singe

Just do thusly. the reason we cut and singe is so it sticks to the bracelet, and doesn't unravell.

Step 6: Done!

you are done. ps I use a lot of my previous pics;-D also I am really proud of my photography skills with that pic.