Mini Rocket Launcher



Introduction: Mini Rocket Launcher

These are the parts you will need.

Step 1: Pen

The pen.

Step 2: Take the Pen Apart

Take the pen apart.

Step 3: Cut Pen

Now cut the closed end of the pen off.

Step 4: Tube

Nut the tube in the pop bottle.

Step 5: The Tape

Put the tape around the pop bottle and the tube.

Step 6: Adding the Pen

Stick the pen in the tube.

Step 7: Tape

Now tape the pen in the tube.

Step 8: Parts for the Rocket

You will need these parts.  The white is paper.

Step 9: Add the Paper

Now wrap the paper around the pen and tape.

Step 10: The Point

Twist the end of the paper.

Step 11: Last Step

Tape the point and that is all.  Stomp and the little rocket will go 4 yards.

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