Introduction: Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

This is a neat little project that someone can do in no time, it's excellent for kids and the birds will love you for it. Since the snow is here I thought why not give something to the birds that forgot to fly south!!

Step 1: Ingredients

this is a rather simple project, all you need is:

~ peanut butter
~ a paper towel roll
~ bird seed
~ string

you'll also need a butter knife,plate,and scissors. Just the simple tools to help  you on the way!

Step 2: Getting Down to Business

so crafts are all about having fun, so if the parents are daring enough why not let the kiddies play with their food!!

step 1
spread the peanut butter onto the tube (I used a butter knife). Take note that if you spread it on too thin you won't have as many seeds sticking, be a little generous were not making a sandwich!

step 2
coat the tube with bird seed. Have fun and get the seeds on there! I rolled the tube on a plate but I also tried putting it on with my hands, it's your choice!

step 3
and for the last step tie some string through the tube making sure you leave enough hanging space so the bids can sit comfy!

Step 3: It's a Feast for the Wild!!

that's it, I hope you have fun watching the birds!!

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