Peeled Potato Chips (crisps)

Introduction: Peeled Potato Chips (crisps)

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Does it seem to you no matter how you cut a potato you can never get much from it? what if i told you only one or two potatoes can give you enough chips to serve 4-6 people ( as a side-dish)......
using a utensil you almost ALWAYS use in potato preparation!!!

sorry about the quality of the camera fell off a bench during another 'ible and i have to use my sisters camera
(thanks to my sister, CrazyBassFisherwoman, who helped with the photos!)

Step 1: You Will Need

Two large potatoes
vegetable or canola oil (for deep frying)
seasoning of your choice

you will also need

small saucepan
a colander
a vegetable peeler
a serving dish lined with napkins

Step 2: A Mountain of Chips...from One Potato!

in a sink a quarter full of water, peel your potatoes, removing the skin (using a knife, unless your careful, will take too much off)
i've heard if you scrub the skin before peeling you can also fry the skin peelings but I've never tried it myself
rinse potatoes to remove any dirt or loose skin peelings

over a clean surface, take your peeler and slowly peel thin strips off
wider, shorter strips will fry better then long thin ones
eventually the potato will get to small to peel anymore, just throw it away (or cut it up with a knife and fry it if your worried about wasting it)

Step 3: Very Important Step!

this step is very important and should not be skipped!

thoroughly rinse potatoes under running water, mix with a fork or clean hands until the water runs clear and the potatoes lose their "slimy" feeling.
this step removes the starch, with the starch left on the potatoes, they will not fry properly and the oil will go cloudy
drain any remaining water

Step 4: Deep Frying Time!

pour oil into a small saucepan,enough so that the peelings will be deep fried.
this does not require much oil.

heat the oil until nice and hot. to test if your oil is hot enough, drop a peeling into it and if it instantly bubbles around the edges, then the oil is ready.
carefully drop a few handfuls of potato into the oil, and gently stir with a slotted spoon or similar utensil, to separate peelings.

Fry until you can feel them going crisp (stirring a utensil through will test this..don't burn your fingers!) or they begin to go golden at the edges.
don't worry if they aren't completely crispy, they will be after a few minutes out of the oil
place them in a dish lined with napkins, etc and repeat with remaining potatoes

(sorry i didn't get any good photo's of them frying until golden-brown)

Step 5: Serve!

 Season and serve with just about anything you like! :D

these would make a good low-cost party food or appetizer
be warned though, they are like any potato just isn't enough!!!

thank you for reading my instructable
if you have any comments,questions,suggestions, please post a comment or PM me

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    10 years ago on Step 5

    I don't own a mandolin and it never occurred to me I could use a regular veggie peeler.

    I'm going to use this method for a new potato chip recipe (experiment) I've been wanting to play with.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Marcos El Malo
    Marcos El Malo

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you play guitar, you could probably use the E and A strings. Just remember to clean out the sound hole with a damp cloth, as most guitars are not dishwasher safe.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    Hey Bajablue!
    oh cool, i love your instructables, glad i could inspire you :D


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi AAG :
    My wife is a certified Natural Health Care Practicioner, in her 5th year of Quantum Reflex Analysis ( the tutors fly out from Texas once a year )
    FIY : canola oil is THE cheapest vegetable oil available, in nearly all processed foods, etc. It clogs the arteries, and should NOT be consumed !!!