Introduction: Pen Cannon

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This is a fun and very easy pen cannon
this shoots pretty far and is very cheap.
this is also dangerous so sadly i have to
do a warning other than that have fun!

WARNING this is a very dangerous thing so
dont point at other people
animals or ur self point it at ur eye
your going to be blind so be carefull.
i am not responsible for you actions.

Step 1: Matarials

what you need:

party poppers 1.00 a bag

cheapo pen 50 cents

scotch tape 2.00 a roll

plastic bbs random price depends how many u get.


small siccors random price

Step 2: Dismantling the Pen

take the pen apart and thow away
the cap the ink

( see picture for more details )

Step 3: Dismantling the Popper

take apart the party popper(s)
and all you need is the pull firecracker.

if you are carefull takeing off the lid you well
get what i call "sushis" i dont know why
call them that just came to my mind when i saw them

look at picture to see "sushis"

Step 4: Makeing the Cannon

to make the cannon take the pen and
the pull firecracker.
take off the front of the pen
next thread the string through
the front of the pen.

then put the cap on.

Step 5: The Payload

take one of you bbs and drop it
in the pen then take scotch tape
and put a little peice and put it
over the backside of the pen

DO NOT use any other tape than this otherwise
if you do, do not fold it down.