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Introduction: Peppermint Hearts

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Peppermint hearts  is a good treat for Valentines Day!
This is also a nice gift to make for a neighbor or  another idea is to make
it a lollipop.  So, lets get readly to make peppermint hearts.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Ok step one is getting out the pots, candy canes, and other stuff.
now you will need:
two pots (the double boiler)
mini candy canes
pampered chef chopper (if you don't  have one a spoon will work or something else)
2 1/2 cups  (if your using all of the mini candy canes then use 3 cups) chocolate chips (I would try chocolate wafers )

and a measureing cup.

Step 2: First Things First

Now you take your chocolate chips
and   then pour 2 1/2 cups  into the  pot. 
Next, pour the water in the second pot ( the double boiler)  about half way.

Step 3: Crush the Candy Canes

Get ready to chop up some candy  canes. 
O.k. you will want to chop about 6 candy canes.  
Once you  did that  put  the pot with the chocolate chips
 and put it in the pot that has water in it.  Then, put it on the burner
set the burner close to boil. 

Step 4: Hearts

While you are waiting for the chocolate chips to melt
take out your waxpaper. Cut a sheet  then take your candy canes
and make a heart shape  with them.

Step 5: Chocolate & Peppermint

Ok check on your  chocolate chips
and see if they are done melting. 
If done melting take it off the burner  (don't forget to turn off the burner).
Then take your spoon and pour your
chocolate in the candy cane hearts.
Then  take your crushed candy canes 
and pour a little of the crushed candy cane in the chocolate
heart. Lastly, take your spoon and mix it up and wait for it to harden.

Step 6: Done!

Yes, you're finally done! So enjoy your  peppermint hearts.    

               Thanks for reading this instructable.

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