Introduction: Perfect Single Player Game

this is something I've made-up by myself and it turns out that it's very fun and works on your agility, endurance, and shot-put throw. you can turn this in to a multi-player game but it doesn't work as well unless you've got a huge wall!

Step 1: All You Need

  1. a pair of shoes for yourself
  2. 1 small squishy ball (look at the picture to see how it should fit in your hand)
  3. 1solid wall

Step 2: Starting the Game

there is many ways to start the game, the traditional way to start is to jump then spread your legs and throw the ball through your legs bounce it off the ground and off the wall. turn around and continue playing! The 2nd way to start is to under-hand volleyball serve straight to the wall.

Step 3: Playing the Game

playing the game is insanely simple. You've got 2hits HITS! YOU MUST HIT THE BALL IN 1DIRECTION AT A TIME!! On your last hit you must shot-put hit/throw back to the wall.

Step 4: Ending the Game.

the game ends when you use too many hits or lose control of the ball. When this happens you must restart your game.