Personalized Beach Towels



Introduction: Personalized Beach Towels

I got these towels at Ross for less than $10 and decided to make them special by putting each grandchild's name on them.

Step 1:

I took the class at the Tech Shop on using the embroidery machine there. The machine has alphabets preloaded in 3 different fonts, but the letters were all too small for this project. I went on line and purchased a bigger, fun font I thought I would like to use again and again. I down loaded the letters (and numbers) and put them on a thumb drive and then put the thumb drive into the embroidery machine and then (after playing around with it and testing it) I got ready for my project.

Step 2:

I hooped the towels with tear away stabilizer under and water soluble on top. The lettering wasn't delicate so I opted for the heft of the tear away. I used the water soluble on top because towels are a 'loopy' fabric with great opportunity to snag a loop and ruin the whole thing - the stabilizer gives it  a smooth surface to glide over.  

Step 3:

I made my color selection and let the machine do the work. Now when the grandkids go for swim lessons it'll be obvious which towels are theirs.

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