Introduction: Personalized Napkins

I like cloth napkins. My kids grew up with them and unless something with red sauce was served they could be used over and over again before tossing them in the wash. I decided to make a set of napkins for my kids' families to use. Each one with an initial and in a different color (so that even if a child couldn't read the letter, they can still know which napkin belongs to each member of the family)

Step 1:

I have a very 'old school' sewing/embroidery machine. So it was a delight to use the Jenome 380 embroidery machine at the Tech Shop This was my first project to try out the machine on my own.
I bought the napkins at some 50% off post Christmas sale - I love getting nonChristmas stuff at a big discount just 'cause it came in with the Seasonal order. 
So the first thing was to press the napkins (and happily the Tech Shop has a nice iron and board on hand)

Step 2:

Next I got out the hoop (the Tech shop has all the hoops and stencils in one box and another box with a selection of thread) I decided to use tearaway stabilizer since the napkins had a nice 'heft' to them and the work was not delicate.

Step 3:

I made my color selections and chose the font style (the machine has preloaded 3 different fonts) and got to work - watching the machine do its magic

Step 4:

I snipped the treads in front and back and tore away the stabilizer (actually I tore very carefully and reused it for four initials - I am cheap)
And there they are - all done and ready for setting the table