Introduction: Personalized Ribbon Storage Box

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One thing I hate is a box full of unorganized, unraveling ribbon! The tangles and weaves drive me nuts. The other day I saw an adorable ribbon box organizer at Joanns and thought to myself, I can make that and personalize it! Here's how I made mine:

What you will need:
*Magazine images (or decorative paper, pictures, etc.)
*Mod Podge (the glossy finish one)
*Double stick tape
*Box cutter 
*String (or a wooden skewer) 

Step 1: Decorate Your Box

Taking pages from a magazine, measure and cut out different images to make a collage on your box. I attached my pictures with double stick tape, and then went over them with Mod Podge to give them a glossy, seamless look.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Openings

Once everything is dried, you can begin cutting out the openings for your ribbon. Taking your ruler, measure and mark a 1” line every 1 ½”.

With your box cutter, cut out each slot, roughly 1/4" thick. I found it worked best to first make the top and bottom slits of the slot, and the cut out the sides for a clean, rectangular opening. Add a bit of Mod Podge to the openings if they are a bit rough to keep your ribbon from snagging.

(I believe you can also purchase hefty hole punchers at your local hardware store for an even easier method - I on the other hand am "cheap" and use whatever I have already lol). 

Step 3: Creating the Runner

Next, on the two small sides of your box, cut a small hole in their centers. 

Run a string through the hole (or a stick/rod of sorts), and through the center of the ribbon spools. You will want to pack it as tightly as possible! Tie the ends of your string in thick bows so that they will not slip through the hole (but not in knots because you will need to be able to stick one side back through the hole to add new rolls of ribbon).

That's it! You now have a chic, personalized storage unit for all those pesky ribbons :)

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