Introduction: Photo Editing:stencils Photoshop Touch

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A quick tutorial on stencil designing the two examples where done quickly for the purpose of the tutorial so are not perfect but better results can be got by putting more work into it and when cutting out. I'll try add more as I go along.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet.

Step 1: Example 1: Step 1

Open image in photoshop touch.

You can do this through your gallery or Photoshop touch its self.

Step 2: Example 1: Step 2

Select posterize color (second tab middle option)

Step 3: Example 1: Step 3

Change the settings till it looks ok in my case it was 6

Step 4: Example 1: Step 4

Select threshold in the same tab as before top right and change the settings smoothness is set at 0% for black and white and threshold is charged to get the desired effect depending on darkness of the picture you might have to change shadows/highlights and/or other effects

Step 5: Example 2: Step 1

Using the selecting brush tool separate anything that you want to remove from what you want to keep

Step 6: Example 2: Step 2

Erase/Colour background.

If your going to be printing it out it might be best to make it white.

If you want to over lay it on a wall or something to get a rough Idea of what it will look like it might be better to erase it.

Step 7: Example 2: Step 3

Duplicate so if you want to start again you don't have to start from the beginning.

Step 8: Example 2: Step 4

Invert selection

If you change the background to white this isn't necessary.

Step 9: Example 2: Step 5

Continue same as before

posterize colour


I did this one a bit different to see if I could get more detail.

you can use the comic option to add a border and further change the image. but that's up to you

Step 10: Try Different Things

The way I have shown is a basic way it works well but even better results can be achieved by putting more time in.

In this one I tried using the select brush to add details and remove some nasty bits that are not needed.

To get in to your PC Wirelessly send it through Facebook (What I do) or Emails there's probably more ways but I know they work.

Side note:

If the quality is not perfect I apologise I tried uploading the tutorial from my tablet and it wouldn't work.

Also if my spelling and/or grammar is wrong I apologise its probably my biggest problem.

Step 11: Drawings

I got some comments on my profile picture about my drawing and I thought I'd share some for those who are interested its only a hobby or for killing time on train journeys but they usually take over 2 hours I did a Kill La Kill one I asked a friend to pick (example 2) and it took about 1h 50m on the train.

Hope everyone enjoys and finds this tutorial use full in some way.