Picnic Table

Introduction: Picnic Table

Step 1: Material Lists

lets see here.
i went to home depot and got

6 plastic decking 1x6 planks 8 feet long.
4 2x4 8 feet long
2 2x6 8 feet long
cermanic coated deck screws 1 5/8 inch
stainless steel deck screws for attaching the table top to the supports
they were 2 inches long.
2 7 inch lag bolts with a 3/4 inch drive head.
2 7/16 inch x 4 inch lag bolts and washers to fit

electric drill
socket wrench
framing square

Step 2: Cutting 2x4 Table Supports.

i think i cut the cross members at 27 inches.
you need to measure the board for your own fit.
regardless, i cut 4 of them
and laid them on the floor.
then i screwed a piece of 24 inch 2x4 inbetween the supports to keep them in place while i screwed the decking onto the supports with the stainless steel screws.

Step 3: Finish the Tabletop on the Floor

use the framing square to keep your decking boards at right angles to your supports.
i used 1/4 inch spacers to space the boards evenly on the supports.

Step 4: Flip the Finished Table Top Over

carefull, it is heavy
remove the center holding brace

then attach 2x4 supports and screw them into sides of the cross supports on the end then using the your 1 5/8th inch deck screws attach the board to the plastic decking from the bottom (the screws will not go all the way through the decking)

Step 5: You Should Have Something That Looks Like This

Step 6: Leggs

this part is a little tricky
i need something that could hold the weight of the table while being able to take great lateral force so i came up with this design

i used the 2x6 and cut them at 38 degrees and 36 inches long, i cut four (4) of them identical
then notched them at one end to fit over the 2x4 support beam
i centered the board to the support and screwed it into the support
i did the same on the otherside.
where the two pieces crossed, i places a screw just to hold them together.

Step 7: Lateral Support

i cut a lateral support the hold the leggs
and used the lag screws to anchor the support to the 2x4 support structure.

Step 8: You Should Have Something That Looks Like This

Step 9: Flip Table Over

get the cat and see if she approves

Step 10: Addendum

i add structural support under the table for added support to tie together the induvidual supports.

i estimate the table can support up to a thousand pounds.

i will add a picture later of the extra supports

Step 11: Flip the Finished Table Top Over

carefull, it is heavy

Step 12: Flip the Finished Table Top Over

Step 13: Cutting 2x4 Table Supports.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    This was very helpful How much was the total build cost Also, if you move the lateral supports to the other sides maybe a bench could be constructed??


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    hi there! thanks for the comments! I actually have made benched the same week i completed the table. one is quite weathered from being outside all the time and has become a home for a small family of carpenter bees (they have no stinger and are about the size of the tip of my middle finger) and the other is well used and still looking newish. i will post a picture


    16 years ago

    this is a very cool project for the summer. great for parties.