Introduction: Pill Bottle Phone Charger

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this is my 1st instructable. its of a project that has been ever-improving. this is the smallest, lightest version yet.

Step 1: What You Need:

8 "AA" batterys
size 16d pill bottle
12 volt automotive outlet
soldering iron
bits of wire
charger for the phone

Step 2: The Basics

the 1st thing i did was punch a small hole about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the bottle. this is so that the wires from the battery pack can pass through to the bottom of the plug.

Step 3: Installing the Plug

you can buy plugs like this at wal*mart for around $3(US). what you want to do is take the lid of the bottle and cut a hole the size of the barrle of the plug. next you push the plug through the hole and screw on the back retainer.set this part asside for now.

Step 4: Building the Battery Pack:

The battery pack is streight forward and verry simple. i will provide step by step pictures to aide in construction just in case.

1: take the bottle, and wrap a peice of tape, inside out, around he bottom of the bottle.
2: stick the 8 "AA" batterys side by side untill they are all snug against each should alternate the poles so that no two 2 + or 2 -- ends are side by side.that causes poblems
3: wrap tape around the outside of the batterys to hold them in place

wireing the pack togather is also simple but there are a few donts that you have to remember.
NEVER wire + to +  or  -- to --
NEVER wire two batterys to each other at both ends

you should have some small peices of wire to conect each cell. refer to the pictures for more detail. you should solder all the peices togather but do not over heat the batterys because they will leak or explode. when you get done, solder the 2 long leads to the terminals and feed them through the hole you punched in the bottle.

Step 5: Assimbly

all thats left to do now is wire the outlet. the outter wall of the outlet is always negetive(-) . if you wire this wrong, no charger will work. it should have 2 terminals on the plug, if not the - wire goes to the outer edge of the plug.when it is all wired up, lightly twist the plug and slide it all into the bottle. plug in the charger and your set.

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